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 Unpublished Manuscripts Riduci

  • "How Do Voters Respond to Information? Evidence from a Randomized Campaign" (joint with Chad Kendall and Francesco Trebbi), April 2013, R&R at the American Economic Review DOWNLOAD
  • "Men Vote in Mars, Women Vote in Venus: A Survey Experiment in the Field" (joint with Vincenzo Galasso), July 2013, DOWNLOAD
  • "Moderating Political Extremism: Single Round vs. Runoff Elections under Plurality Rule" (joint with Massimo Bordignon and Guido Tabellini), August 2013, R&R at the American Economic Review DOWNLOAD 
  • "Policy Responses to Fiscal Restraints: A Difference-in-Discontinuities Design" (joint with Veronica Grembi and Ugo Troiano), October 2013, DOWNLOAD
  • "The Importance of Betting Early" (joint with Alessandro Innocenti and Roberto Ricciuti), November 2013, DOWNLOAD
  • "Political Selection under Alternative Electoral Rules" (joint with Vincenzo Galasso), September 2011 [first draft coming soon], SLIDES
  • "Autocratic Transitions and Growth" (joint with Roberto Ricciuti), February 2010, DOWNLOAD 

 Works in Progress Riduci

  • "Careers in Political Parties" (joint with Andrea Mattozzi and Massimiliano Onorato)

  • "Political Gerontocracy" (joint with Alberto Alesina and Ugo Troiano)

  • "War's Violence and Persistent Political Opinion" (joint with Guido Tabellini)

  • "Turmoil after Death: Leadership, Protests, and Growth" (joint with Giampaolo Lecce and Laura Ogliari)

  • "Financial Crises, Inequality, and Economic Liberalizations" (joint with Gunes Gokmen, Massimiliano Onorato, and Chris Papageorgiou) 

  • "Regression Discontinuity Designs Based on Population Thresholds: Cautionary Tales from France, Germany, and Italy" (joint with Andrew Eggers, Ronny Freier, and Veronica Grembi)

  • "Winning in the Rain: Elections and Weather Shocks" (joint with Nicola Fontana and Alessandro Sforza)

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