Revenue vs Expenditure Based Fiscal Consolidation: The Pass-Trough from Federal Cuts to Local Taxes

This version, May 2019

joint with Luigi Marattin and Francesco Porcelli

Historical Roots of Political Extremism: The Effects of Nazi Occupation of Italy

This version, December 2017

joint with Nicola Fontana and Guido Tabellini

Policies in Hard Times: Assessing the Impact of Financial Crises on Structural Reforms

This version, March 2018

joint with Gunes Gokmen, Massimiliano Onorato, and Chris Papageorgiou

Direct Propagation of a Fiscal Shock: Evidence from Italy’s Stability Pact

This version, April 2018

joint with Decio Coviello, Immacolata Marino, and Nicola Persico

Persuasion and Gender: Experimental Evidence from Two Political Campaigns

This version, April 2016

joint with Vincenzo Galasso

The Importance of Betting Early

This version, April 2018

joint with Alessandro Innocenti and Roberto Ricciuti

Autocratic Transitions and Growth

This version, February 2010

joint with Roberto Ricciuti