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24 Maggio 2014

Italy and the euro: Myths and realities

Paolo Manasse, Tommaso Nannicini e Alessandro Saia

The euro’s impact on southern EZ members is a key topic in national and European debates. This column argues that the economic evidence is twisted to fit preconceptions. It ...

22 Settembre 2013

Persuasive communication: Men and women react differently

Vincenzo Galasso e Tommaso Nannicini

The perceived tone of a product or political advertisement affects public response – even holding constant the content of the message. This column provides evidence that men and women react differently ...

10 Marzo 2010

The Political Resource Curse

Fernanda Brollo, Guido Tabellini, Tommaso Nannicini e Roberto Perotti

Is the discovery of natural resources necessarily a good thing? Examining data from Brazil, this column finds that a 10% windfall in government revenues leads to a 12 percentage point ...

22 Settembre 2009

Competing on good politicians

Vincenzo Galasso e Tommaso Nannicini

Political competition may produce better governance. This column shows that Italian politicians shirk less when they are from a more closely contested district. But it’s not simply a re-election ...