Scientific publications

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics - 8 (2016), 1-30

Do Fiscal Rules Matter?

Fiscal rules are laws aimed at reducing the incentive to accumulate debt, and many countries adopt them to discipline local governments.
Joint with Veronica Grembi and Ugo Troiano

European Journal of Political Economy - 40 (2015), 260-273

So Closed: Political Selection in Proportional Systems

We analyze political selection in a closed list proportional system where parties have strong gate-keeping power, which they use as an instrument to pursue votes.
Joint with Vincenzo Galasso

Review of Economics and Statistics - 95 (2013), 983-1001

Assessing Economic Liberalization Episodes: A Synthetic Control Approach

We use transparent statistical methodology for data driven case studies to investigate the impact of economic liberalization on real GDP per capita in a worldwide sample of countries.
Joint with Andrea Stella, Guido Tabellini, and Ugo Troiano